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Ready to order? Don't worry I ship discrete, she'll never know! I accept several methods of payment, (P*YP*L, Gift Cards, and discrete cash) so don't worry.

I'm disease and drug free for those that desire to do more then sniff!

I'm open to your special request for everyone's kink is different. Don't be shy! Please feel free to ask any questions, the worse that can happen is that I say NO!

ORDER NOW!     Simple as 1, 2 and 3

1) Decide on what item or items you desire. Each item has an item number next to it.
2) Send payment via Paypal to expedite your order! Listing the item number or description, ie: Sheer to waist pantyhose, suntan, black, nude, coffee, taupe, etc.

3) Open up and enjoy the very sensual itimate that I wore just for you! Enjoy the photos that were taken wearing the exact item or items your ordered.

And that's it . . . xox

* If the item you desire is not listed, please email me at
thesexymylf@aol.com to discuss the item desired. Once discussed, you follow the steps above and that's it.

           * * * Nothing turns me on more then hearing stories, looking at pictures or video of how you enjoyed and  
                                           pleasured yourself with the very sensual intimates I wore just for you.
Remember you can
pimp me out!

* * *Send me whatever it is you desire me
to wear or use!

Donations Accepted ! ! ! PLEASE

send via - 


*Please contact our 24 hour customer service center for full details. thesexymylf@aol.com

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