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I'm 5'7, 130lbs, I'm the soccer mom from next door. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, a sexy ass and I've been told by many, very sexy legs and feet. I'm a shoe dangler when the opportunity prevails itself. I'm a 36d, my sexy feet are an 8 1/2, and I'm a size (b) in pantyhose. I'm always, and I mean always encased in silky sheer nylon hosiery. I fucking love pantyhose and how sexy they make me feel. Not a day goes by that the tiny cotton crotch doesn't capture my sexual juices, and the feet absorb the sexy stink of my sexy feet and toes. Over the last several years I've developed a desire to sleep in them and even hot tub while wearing.

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 How it all began~

I began wearing pantyhose at the ripe age of 15, I had just come into my own. I developed a very thick patch of pubic hair and my boobs grew to double their original size.

Attending the winter formal I needed to wear a long gown and leg covering for it was winter time. The sales woman suggested a pair of $30 pantyhose which was almost as much as the gown. The sales woman convinced my mother and home we went.

When the special day came my mother assisted in my preparing. I remember my mother tossing my panties aside and laughing. She said "That's why they're called pantyhose, they have a built in panty" Ohhh I said. She then said my panty lines would show for the gown was tight fitted.

She excused herself and said if I needed her she was down the hall. I remember dropping my towel, looking at myself naked. And sitting down on the edge of my bed. I read the instructions and viewed the illustrated drawings and proceded to copy.

The drawings did not illustrate the very sensual, sexual feelings that I was feeling. My red painted toes looked very sexy as the sheer silky taupe nylon covered them. As I worked the pantyhose higher my ankles, knees, and thighs were transformed to a smooth silky sheen. As I pulled the pantyhose fully up over my butt and then up the front I watched as my thick patch of hair went flat. The feeling on my butt was that of massaging. Pulling them up a bit higher I felt wetness in between my legs, I felt as though I may have dribbled out some pee. 

My mom knocked on my door and entered. With a quick glance she expressed just how much of a lady I've become, and held the gown open for me to step into. The feeling of the satin material rubbing against my pantyhosed legs and ass as I walked in my gown was next to none.

I arrived home after the formal earlier then my parents had expected, I excused myself for I said I was feeling a bit
tired from a long night. After removing my gown, I looked at myself in the mirror wearing only my pantyhose. I found myself getting excited looking at myself. I remember looking at myself and with one hand rubbing a nipple and my other over the silky crotch. I again felt a wetness and this time I knew it wasn't pee, it was purely sexual. Wanting the pleasure to continue I decided that I would sleep in them.

Pulling my covers up, shutting off my lights I laid still as the moon light reflection shinned in. I was lost in sexual bliss. I closed my eyes, licked my finger tips and worked my breast and nipples. Being a virgin and had never sexually experienced anything! everytime my legs rubbed together or the silky sheet caught my nylon encased toes I felt sexual bolts of pleasure between my legs.

After what seemed like hours I let my hand further explore my nylon covered pussy. The more I rubbed the wetter the nylon became. I remember thinking that I must have irritated it for my clit swelled and the skin folds covering my opening parted. With my eyes closed I continued to play with my breast and let my self explore my pussy further. The crotch of my pantyhose had gotten sooooo wet that I thought the thin material would give way to my probing fingers. 

The thought of my pantyhose getting damaged and risking getting another pair was too much. I lifted my butt up, put my thumbs into the silky wasteband and rolled my pantyhose down to just below my crotch. Finding my now naked pussy I continued to rub it. Just as I was about to insert a finger, my mom knocked on my door then came in. She leaned in over me and kissed me good night. She said don't forget to put my pantyhose into the plastic sleeve they came in. I said ok, she said she'd so it for they were expensive and asked where they were. When I said I was going to sleep in them, she sounded a bit shocked then said she understood why. We giggled and she left. I loved wearing them so much that I took them off if that makes any sense?

I was just about to slip them into the plastic sleeve when I decided to examine them closer. The little cotton crotch was very wet and had a very intimate sexual scent that I assumed was the scent of my pussy. I had no idea what if anything it should smell like. To be honest the scent caused me to inhale and continue to. I was so worked up that I spread my legs and continued rube my opening and poke a finger in. Long story short! I found myself inhaling my very personal sexual scent and fingering myself with two fingers till I thought I had pee, but later found out that I had cum.
                                                                                         "Let my fetish begin"

                  Later I realized that she too my mother enjoyed the sensual pleasure that comes from wearing.  xox

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